The relaunch of Reed's Farm Direct!

Originally Reed's Farm Direct (RFD) was a pick-up service located in the Ocala, Fl area. Customers and friends of Jason and Dawn Reed would call in their order, then once per week they would meet at a designated location in Ocala, Fl. to pick up they're produce.

The relaunch of RFD is focused on Home Delivery. Since most of our customers come from The Villages, I decided to run an ad in a small area (7 mile radius) of The Villages. This radius extends out to just north of Belleview, to the north side of Leesburg including Lady Lake and Fruitland Park. Expecting to receive a few visitors to our new website and a few phone calls, I assumed we could handle that I assumed wrong, we've been slammed! Our website has been getting hits from as far away as Miami and dozens of hits from Orlando. and even Jacksonville. Many of those people have been contacted by friends by sharing our Facebook ad. We are slowly expanding our delivery area, but not more than 10-15 miles from our packing house in Weirsdale. And to all of you who have ordered, thank you, we appreciate the support you're giving our small family business, and we will grow!

Thank you, Huey Reed

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