RFD - Week Three

I thought hey, let's start home delivery, get a few orders, meet some new people, have some fun!

So, I decided to run and an on Facebook. Using the Facebook ad map, I dropped a pin in the middle of The Villages and drew a 7 mile radius around that pin. In the first three weeks we've had over 3100 visitors to our website. And not just from The Villages, but from all of the surrounding area, Ocala, Orlando, Jacksonville, Apopka, Miami...??? What!?!? That's not in the 7 mile radius. Have you been sharing my post???

We're busy, we're getting better, but we'll get it figured out!

Thank you for supporting our venture into the Twilight Zone of home delivery! đź‘Ť

Have a great weekend!

Huey, Jason and Dawn Reed

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